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"I wanted to just say, I went onto the Nutrié site and tried the Skinné that Mason has a partnership with now and I lost 4 lbs in a week and I didn't work out anymore than I normally do and I didn't stop eating or anything like that.  I followed the amazingly easy phone app he gave me access to and it was so easy I just followed it.  It was like getting a text message from my husband, well soon to be husband.  Thanks Mason!  I fit into my dress now.  I LOVE YOU!  YOUR AMAZING.

Penny Peivey

"I have been in the entertainment industry for over 40yrs and I have never had my makeup airbrushed on me ever.  I was amazing to me to see how it worked and how much lighter it felt than the usual heavy stuff I had been wearing.  Mason made me feel comfortable and he was so funny.  He wasn't star struck which I loved about him.  He was a gentlemen and spoke with respect the entire time.  I know Mason can't come on tour with me right now, but when the contract for my current people is over, Mason is in and I will use him until I retire.  Mason you keep up the good work you are doing and the spirit you convey while you do it.  No one can hold a candle to you.  I would sign my name sweet heart but you know the rules on current contracts, so I'll just initial."

“The level of service at AIRBRUSH BY MASON is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”
Daina Delany

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. AIRBRUSH BY MASON was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. I have never looked this good in 15 years. I will be back every week.  Keep up the good work!”
Tina Burke
"I am a model and I would have never thought to use an airbrush artist for my photo shoots or fashion shows that I am in.  I was so glad that Mason has made himself available to me for my events.  I look ten times better, the makeup matches my face, its light on my skin not super heavy like usual, and he actually teaches me what he is doing and why he does it which I love.  I will never use anyone else again and I will make sure he is my makeup artist for everything I do.  Thank you so much Mason you are truly an artist."
"I was a model for a fashion in Riverdale Georgia and it was my first show.  I thought when I got there that is was going to be just flop of a show but this guy comes in and lines models up in chairs and just starts doing hair and makeup at the same time.  He was doing 5 people at the same time REALLY.  I was floored when he was done.  Everyone of the models including myself looked like a super model.  He took each person and gave them a high fashion look that fit every outfit each of us had on and he had never seen the outfits prior to that day.  It was AMAZING.  It has since been published in a magazine and I have gotten several offers for future work I can't thank Mason enough for the work he put in to get 40 models ready in 5 hours.  True artist."
Shanta Wright
"I would like to thank the staff at Airbrush by Mason for a wonderful and professional working environment they created at the IMTA convention.  We hired Mason and his team to work with our celebrities that had attended the convention in the past and had made their mark in the world.  I was very please when I was approached by Eva Langoria, Fergie and Carrie Underwood and they said that Mason was an amazing artist and that they would love to have him as their personal stylist all the time.  We love to have our invited celebrities give us feed back on how well our vendors that we hire for these events are doing.  We like to feel that we make great choices in our selection process.  We are proud to say that Airbrush by Mason will be our top preferred makeup and hair artist for future events."
Tasha Green
Artist Casting
"I have to admit I have never used a makeup artist for anything before, but Mason came so highly recommended for my wedding.  I checked him out and spoke to a couple of the salons he has done work with and it was true. He really is the guy to know when it comes to photo finish looks.  I asked him to meet with me and he had wonderful ideas for my bridesmaids and for myself.  I booked him and I never expected the service I got.  He was always within my view and touched up my make up for all pictures and my reception.  I felt like royalty.  He is the most professional person I have ever worked with and I will use him for all of my families events from here on out."
 By jatownsend06- Jun 7, 2010
I recently did a modeling job where Mason was my hair and make-up artist. It was a great experience! He definitely has talent. At first, the make-up did seem a bit heavy, but once the pictures came out, it was perfect! Just goes to show that he really does know what he is doing.Throughout the entire photo shoot, he was constantly making sure my hair and make-up was touched up and looking great! I would recommend him in a heart beat! He was professional, friendly, and just a blast to work with.‎
Very Professional‎‎
 By Kyle- Jun 7, 2010
I had Mason do some work for a event I was having and it turned out wonderful. I have never met a more professional and helpful makeup artist in all my years of business. He took his time but was super fast at the same time. He listened and took everything I said into consideration and even asked the client for input on what they had in mind and it came out BEAUTIFUL. It was the best shoot I have ever done I think. Thanks Mason I have a lot coming up in the future with your name on it.‎
 By meredith rockwell - Apr 13, 2010
Mason was amazing for my wedding. He was very professional and was wonderful with my budget. He was excellent and did a practice hair and makeup round for me (the bride). He even offered a gorgeous necklace to compliment my dress. The piece was wonderful and I got a lot of compliments. He worked for over 12 hours doing hair and touch ups. My wedding pictures turned out wonderful because he was there to make sure my hair and makeup looked right so ALL my pictures looked amazing. He helped by carrying my dress so the groom wasn't left to do that and that helped my mother just go enjoy herself. It was a full service all day which really took away all stress. Its a one of kind service and you can't find that often! My bridesmaids loved everything as well. He is even doing a a friend of mine for her wedding in June.‎
Amazing Work‎‎
 By s. kelly - Mar 21, 2010
I went to Mason to do makeup for my cousins wedding and it was the most amazing work I have ever seen. She has bad skin and he was able to cover without it looking heavy or to made up. It made her look 10 years younger which made her happy and her mom was dumb founded at how he made her look so young and smooth as well. He stayed the entire wedding and did touch ups and was just amazing I dont know how else to describe it. I will call on him for every event I have and my friends as well. True Artist.‎
Best in Atlanta‎‎
By Stephanie- Mar 11, 2010
Iso far has been the best out of all of them. He worked so hard to make sure that I got what I wanted for my wedding and ensured that nothing kept me from my perfect day. My hair and makeup where flawless, my mother looked 15 years younger which made her very happy. Everyone was wanting to get Mason information and he was so professional he only told them that the bride would have all the information they would need. He didnt try to sell himself while it was my day and I loved that. He truly made my day about me and nothing else. Thank you so much Mason. I have passed on your information to everyone who asked. I will be seeing you soon for my upcoming events. Sarah‎
"I would characterize my clients as very very picky and a bit unruly."  When I first contacted Mason I was very unsure of how my celebrity clients would take to him and I was a bit scared to be using someone that the clients had never seen before.  I did some digging around and spoke to a designer and fashion guru that had used Mason before and both said I would be stupid to put my high profile clients with anyone else.  I gave him a try and both by celebs treated him like dirt the entire time, but he kept his cool maintained his professionalism and did the job with a smile and after it was all said and done both where praising his work and getting his information for future work.  "Thank you Mason, for a wonderful job, putting up with the shouting and the I wants all day.  You truly are an artist and the most professional artist I have worked with in over 25 years."
Georgia Wright
Private Services
 “The level of service at MD EVENT PLANNING is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”
Valarie H.
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. MD EVENT PLANNING was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”
David G.
"I looked for caterer for my son's graduation party for 4 months and just couldn't find the right one.  I called MD Event Planning and they hooked me up with a caterer who was perfect and came with a perfect price.  Thank you so much I can't believe how quick and exact in detail you where with the carter.  I will be using you for every event I have."
Sarah T.
"I really believed my wedding was going to be the worst in the history of weddings.  My caterer was lost, my planners didn't get any of the things I asked for, and my cake was destroyed on delivery.  This all happened the day of my wedding, it was a disaster.  To my surprise my makeup artist said "let me take care of it", and I kind of laughed but when he pulled out his phone and had his assistant on his phone, magical things began to happen.  I had a 8 tiered cup cake cake, that was beautiful, delivered 3 hours before my wedding, everything my planners couldn't get he got, and the whole time was doing my hair and makeup and being filmed by the Knot.  It was the perfect ending to the perfect day and it sounds odd but he turned out to be my Fairy God Mother.  Thank you so much guys for all your hard work and your attention to detail.
Lori Sims
"I have had several birthday parties for my kids but they just always seemed to lack fun and cost an arm and a leg to put together.  I met the owner of MD Event Planning in the grocery store picking up items for a birthday party he was planning.  I asked him how old was the child and he said 6 and I told him my experience I had had with my son's party and he just smiled and listened.  He gave me a card and said "When you are ready for a professional to plan your party give me a call."  Now i thought he was being a smart-y-pants but when it came time for another party I gave him a call.  I spent about half as much as I did with the other company and I don't think I have ever seen so many happy and excited kids and to be quite honest I had a lot of fun myself.  Thanks Mason I will keep you in mind for all of my business parties as well.
Denise Williams
"I was working on building a portfolio of my work as I am a new model to the industry.  I was given this guys name and told to give him a call.  I thought "what do I have to loose", so I gave him a call and come to find out in a little over a week he had lined up 5 photo shoots for me and it didn't cost me a thing.  He introduced me to so many new people that can actually get me paid work.  I have to say thank you so much to Mason for all his hard work.  He even has given me very helpful tips in landing jobs in the modeling industry and I have been able to get him some new clients out of it and I can now pay him for all the styling he does for me and I also want to say thanks to his very professional and friendly staff as they have always been there when Mason cannot and I can tell they have been taught by the best in the business.  Thank you so much Mason and I will be always calling you as I make my way into my own fame."
Ying Strongbough
"All I can say is I LOVE MASON and his team they did a wonderful job at my photo shoot.  It was the second time I have had the pleasure and the same photographer.  Thanks to Mason and his great choice in clothes, hair and makeup I looked like I have been a supermodel for years.  Mason took the time each time to sit down with me and find out what I wanted and he took those ideas and expanded them beyond what I could have ever come up with.  Thank you so much and I will be using your new talent management services.
Heather Mote
"I just recently got married and I have to say I was not very organized with my wedding.  I was amazed when Mason and his team showed up and reconized that everything was just falling apart.  He wasted no time and stepped in and just started getting everyone in their place and getting everything so organized and ready.  It made my wedding actually fun as I was stressed out.  I have know idea what I would have done without him.  Thanks Mason, you are amazing!
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